Sunday, 7 May 2017

Skipton (Springs Branch) (April 2017)

Leeds and Liverpool Canal's Springs Branch, Skipton

Dad drove us to Skipton for our walk on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal's Springs Branch.  On this occasion my Mum joined us and she has been part of our canal adventures at the very beginning.



The Branch was built in 1773 (and extended in 1794) for Lord Thanet, who then owned Skipton Castle, with the purpose of transporting limestone from the local quarries to the canal. It's only approximately half a mile long and it took us next to no time to complete the stretch.  A constrast to our previous walks!

Springs Branch, Skipton

Since it was a short walk on the branch we decided to continue walking on through Skipton Woods. Managed by the Woodlands Trust we enjoyed the beautiful woodlands with its smell of wild garlic and its sights of the green foilage with purple spotted bluebells.  We walked down Bailey Street on our return to Skipton passing the castle and the Parish Church.

Mum and Dad just about to enter Skipton Castle Woods


It was a busy day in Skipton because of the Tour de Yorkshire the following day. There was a nice atmosphere on the canal with its town's watetways festival and its boats putting on their themed decor...we saw the themes of Elvis and The Beatles.  I spotted the Kennet which led the celebrations for last year 200th anniversary of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Ran formally by members of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society I enjoyed looking inside and reading about the barge's past and present on the canal.

The Kennet moored at the Skipton Waterways Festival

After a spot of shopping we made our way to Bizzie Lizzie's.  We had to wait a bit as the restaurant was very busy but it was worth the wait for its delicious fish and chips! I can see why its very popular!

Skipton is an interesting town with a proud history associated with sheep! The town has its sheep festivals and it's the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. 

Just the last leg in Merseyside to walk!

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