Friday, 24 March 2017

Rewalking from Silsden to Skipton (March 2017)

Dad preparing for the 'Missing Link'
My Dad is yet to finish the 'missing link' from Silsden to Skipton.  I had a day off from work so we planned to walk the 6-7 mile stretch on the canal.  Why did we pick a day of rain and wind? Despite this and me feeling unwell, nothing was going to stop us!


We travelled to Keighley on the train; on our arrival we walked to the bus station and there the No. 62 was waiting at the stand.  With a couple of minutes to spare we got on the bus to Silsden and in the pouring rain we began our pursuit on the canal.  For most of the walk we had to deal with very muddy/puddly tow paths which made walking a challenge.  We had to watch more or less our steps so we didn't slip or fall.  It was cold walking by the canal because of the wind.

Muddy Towpath!

"Please proceed with caution" - Sums up the state of the towpath!

Waterlogged fields down below!
I was happy to reach Kildwick for lunch and a comfort stop.  I went into the White Lion Inn for a drink and primarily to warm up.  My Dad decided to explore St Andrews Church's cemetery.  The church goes back to the 14th Century and what is unique about the church is its setting with the church and 'old' cemetery on one side of the canal and the 'new cemetery' on the other side, accessed from Parsons Bridge.

Dad marking another mile!

Approaching Kildwick

Beautiful scenery marred with rubbish weather surrounded us and poignancy is marked with two Polish War Memorials at Hamblethorpe Bridge.  In 1943 a war plane crashed nearby and seven Polish crew members were killed immediately.

Beautiful Countryside despite the weather!



Arriving in Bradley the tow path improved and seeing the road sign for Skipton on a nearby road psychologically rejuvenated us and a short walk was The Bay Horse pub by the canal. The canal access was cordoned off so we had to leave the canal to reach it from the road. We certainly had well deserved drinks, warmth and comfort stop.  The next couple of miles or so, in the worsen persistent rain, we reached Skipton.  Too tired and wet to look round so we walked on until we reached Gawflat Swing Bridge for the railway station - where we got a train immediately for home.

Well deserved drinks at The Bay Horse Pub

Certainly was a tough walk (braving the natural elements against us) to do but when I thought about it later that evening I'm glad we did it.  Dad now has completed the 'missing link' and we only have 24 miles or so to reach Liverpool!

Dad has completed the 'Missing Link' at Skipton!

We will walk the Springs Branch another time!

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