Friday, 10 March 2017

Rewalking Crossflatts to Silsden (March 2017)

Start of our canal walk, Crossflatts

My Dad is closing the gap of the Rodley to Skipton stretch that he is yet to walk and one Saturday afternoon we have got near to doing so.

We walked from Crossflatts to Silsden.  We caught a fast train from Leeds; the multi carriage train on this route is somewhat pleasanter than the two carriage trains I'm used to getting - more seating and free wifi!  Why can't they replicate these trains on rest of the Northern Rail network?  It probably took us only 20 minutes or so to reach Crossflatts.

Changing of seasons from winter to spring!

A short walk from the station to the canal we continued where we left was a pleasure walking in glorious sunshine.  Spring has sprung with its flora and fauna, kayakers on the canal and we even saw a boat passing us!  You can sense the atmosphere and ambiance that a change of seasons is taking place.

We didn't walk too far before we arrived in Riddlesden and I saw East Riddlesden Hall down the road from Granby Swing Bridge.  We had a comfort stop at the Marquis of's a pleasant cosy pub though it wasn't necessary to have an open fire during a spring sunny afternoon!  Central heating would have sufficed!  The heat from the fire became too hot so we drank our drinks as quickly as we can so cool down and continue!

Riddlesden, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Marquis of Granby Pub, by the Granby Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Down the road is East Riddlesden Hall

We went through some scenic countryside with Keighley down in distant valley and we soon were in the countryside.  The final stretch, probably for a mile and a half, the towpath was very wet and muddy and littered with puddles - so walking was a challenge...but a mile and a half or so later we reached Silsden.

Between Riddlesden and Silsden, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Muddy tow path!

Outskirts of Keighley down in the valley

We only waited a few minutes in the village centre for our bus back to Keighley and on arrival at the bus station we got another one immediately to Leeds.  A pleasant afternoon walk even if the tow paths was a challenge.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Silsden

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