Friday, 10 February 2017

Rewalking Leeds to Kirkstall Bridge (January 2017)

Start of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

My Dad, then to date, hadn't walked the stretch from Leeds to Skipton with the exception of our walk from Kirkstall Bridge to Rodley which we did last summer.

One cold January Saturday afternoon I retraced my steps with my Dad to Granary Wharf in the city centre and we began our walk.  I have to admit it isn't my favourite stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It's reputed for its anti-social behaviour and vandalism - courtesy of the 'wrong-uns'!

Leeds Lock (First one on the canal)

River Aire besides the Canal

Since the city centre docks/wharfs have been regenerated it is somewhat a lot more pleasanter place to spend time at the river and canal and also for boaters mooring.  The stretch however on the outskirts of the city centre are vulnerable and their is an operation in place for the locks to be operated by Canal & River Trust staff/volunteers with their anti-vandal unlocking gear.  Luckily we didn't see any 'wrong-uns' - just cyclists, walkers and dog walkers enjoying this stretch of the canal.

Former Kirkstall Power Station

Kirkstall Abbey

Well deserved coffee at Costa, Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park

The Armley part of the stretch on the canal is insalubrious with its graffiti, litter and feels the vicinity is 'creepily abandoned' especially going past a former power station.  I was very relieved to reach Kirkstall Bridge and we went to the nearby shopping complex of the same name for a well deserved hot drink at Costa.

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