Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Barnoldswick to Skipton (September 2016)

The Pendle Hills Countryside and Barnoldswick

Dad and I had originally planned to walk from Barnoldswick to Gargrave but the bus connections aren't direct and would need to change buses at Skipton.  We then decided to walk the miles to Skipton instead and just get a direct bus back to Barnoldswick where we would pick up Dad's car for the drive home.

We parked near the canal and made our way down to the tow path; we began in the Pendle Hills and passed through the summit area with Greenberfield changeline bridge and locks.  We walked part of the Pennine Way which covers some of the canal, passed through East Marton for its double arched bridge and eventually descended down Bank Newton Locks into Gargrave.  We then did six or seven miles walking by the time we reached Gargrave so we decided to have a brief lunch stop.

Double Arched Bridge, East Morton

Gargrave, North Yorkshire

The final few miles was a bit of a struggle and we kept having to stop as our feet were hurting! We felt it took forever to reach Skipton but we eventually made it! We limped off the tow path and a short walk took us to the bus station where we got the X43 - The Witch Way to Barnoldswick.  What an expensive bus ride! It cost me £5.10 for a 20 minutes bus journey! My Dad however was lucky as he has a concession travel pass and can ride on any bus for free!

We made it to Skipton!

The walk was the longest stretch we done so far on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.  It was an enjoyable walk and a lot of stretch is rural with the surrounding Pendle Hills and the Yorkshire Dales. Still a long way to go to Liverpool!

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