Sunday, 11 December 2016

Silsden to Skipton (August 2016)

The day before when I walked from Silsden to Bingley I decided to return to Silsden the next day and walk in the opposite direction to Skipton.  With better planning of buses, I was able to have a quick look around the village and popped in a shop to buy some walk provisions beforehand.


The weather was glorious the day before but on this walk I experienced some overcast and showers.  At least it wasn't raining heavily which is a no go for me for walking on the canal! Still it was pleasant walking in the Airedale countryside especially on this stretch.

I walked approximately seven to eight miles...the scenery is similar to what I walked the day before. Like the walk the day before there are no locks and just a handful of swing bridges.  

Kildwick, North Yorkshire

Polish War Memorial, Hamblethorpe Swing Bridge 

I passed through a number of small villages including Kildwick, Farnhill and Bradley.  Least expected was coming across a Polish War Memorial at Hamblethorpe Swing Bridge.

Bradley, North Yorkshire

I reached Skipton knackered! I think it's doing two seven miler walks over two days that took its toll.  My feet had enough and there was no energy left to explore this charming market town. I hobbled to the railway station for my fast and expensive train back to Leeds!


Still many miles to go before reaching Liverpool!

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