Saturday, 31 December 2016

Blackburn to Chorley (December 2016)

On arrival at Blackburn Station
We caught the 0705 (or thereabouts) direct train from Leeds to Blackburn.  On our arrival we had breakfast at the nearby Morrisons.  Afterwards we picked up where were left off at Eanam Wharf and began our walk.  We encountered some dodgy characters who were up to no good but we boldly marched onto the Blackburn Flights of locks and crossed the River Darwen via the Aqueduct.

Blackburn town centre
Starting our walk at Eanam Wharf, Blackburn

After the Blackburn suburbs we were surrounded by pleasant countryside.  It was a pity the weather caved in with the rain and the wind!  Luckily we came prepared with wet weather gear and a change of clothing.  It was as well as I slipped on the muddy tow path when I was taking photos of the boundary marker of Blackburn and Darwen and Chorley.   Shaken not stirred we continued to Riley Green where we had a coffee break at the Grill and Grain at the Boatyard.  A lovely pub/restaurant and handy for a comfort break.

Blackburn flight of locks

A welcome coffee stop at the Grill & Grain, Riley Green

Walking a further three miles or so to Wheelton Boatyard and Johnsons Hillock flight of locks.  At the top lock we had a winter cap at the Top Lock Pub.  After which the weather deteriorated for the rest of the walk to Chorley.  My camera packed in as the batteries ran out (so no more pictures!).  The canal doesn't run through the town centre in Chorley so we had to walk approximately 20 minutes or so from the canal to the bus station where we got our bus back to Blackburn.

Top lock, Johnsons Hillock flight of locks

Comfort stop including a wee dram at Top Lock Pub, Wheelton

Walton Summit branch at the bottom lock

Approaching Chorley as the weather caves in!

We waited a fair bit in Chorley and Blackburn for our Blackburn bound bus and Leeds bound train respectively.  This meant a later than anticipated arrival in Leeds.  Because of this we re-reviewed our travel arrangements for our next canal walk.

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