Monday, 5 December 2016

Beginning of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal - (Leeds to Kirkstall Bridge, July 2016)

My (and Dad's ambition) is to walk the WHOLE of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (in stages of course!).  I also plan to walk the Springs, Leigh and Rufford branches.  It's an exciting challenge which will give us an opportunity to see and experience my country from a different perspective.  We will feel and learn about its social and industrial history and be swept away with the Pennines countryside.

The beginning of the Canal and the first lock

I have walked bits of the canal before and recently (led to my decision to pursue this challenge). Please note I don't like walking fast in getting from A to B as quickly as possible! I do believe 2 miles per hour is a reasonable pace but I do like to take time out to experience the surroundings and take many pictures! I don't intend to improve my walking times though I want to be fitter and healthier but most importantly I want this to be an adventure that will last with me for rest of my life.  My Dad and I normally plan to do an average of 10 miles per stretch (sometimes we need to do less especially with less daylight in winter but we can do more during the summer when the days are longer).  We also walk in all weathers (except for very heavy rain) and we ensure we are prepared!

 Appalling graffiti on the walls of the Armley Industrial Museum

Anyway onto our walk; Mum and I had a gentle introduction to the canal and we walked three miles from Leeds (Granary Wharf.and where the canal officially 'begins') to Kirkstall Bridge.  The canal stretch isn't the most prettiest I've walked along.  I'm however very proud of my city's wharf and its regeneration and posterity are seen with its businesses, hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Once out in the city centre the stretch, particularly in the Armley area, looks like it could do with some tender loving care.  Please remove the tasteless and insalubrious graffiti on its signs, walls and bridges!  Overgrown vegetation and litter were in plentiful supply! Nevertheless it was an interesting walk with remnants of the city's industrial past.

I'll let the photographs do the talking!

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